LA Women Strain is Great for Pain and Insomnia

Medical Marijuana is legal for medical use in , Nevada and medical marijuana doctors can help you choose which type is best for your particular medical ailment. Long lauded for its benefits to those who suffer from pain, AIDS/HIV, Glaucoma, Multiple Sclerosis, and lack of apetite or nausea, medical marijuana can be dispensed by a care giver with a doctors recommendation in Nevada. Marijuana has been used for hundreds of years as an appetite stimulant and effective mood stabilizer. Now, many states in the United States offer these benefits as recommended by a medical marijuana doctor, including doctors that recommend medical marijuana in Nevada.

Varioua strains of medical marijuana result in different effects on the patient. Marijuana is found as two basic strains: Sativa and Indica. Both strains offer markedly different benefits. Generally speaking, Sativas are often said to be energizing and aid in feeling better emotionally. They are said to be gentler to the new patient, without quite the "wallop" of THC contained in Indica strains. Offering a "sunny" feeling and a relief from pain makes it a good choice for people who cannot sleep well because of pain, or who suffer from depression because of chronic pain. Indica strains are noted for their "body buzz" effects, offering relaxation, relief from stress, and are somewhat stronger than Sativa strains, containing more THC and sometimes making the patient very hungry, spacy, sleepy and "stoned" feeling.

It is recommended that you use Sativas during the day and Indicas at night, since Indica is more likely to make you sleepy, or make you want to check out for the day. A particulary effective strain of Indica is called L.A. Women, which is great for pain and insomnia. It is said to taste of hashish, and it is recommended that you use it only at night, if you are seeking a medical marijuana experience that will make you sleepy. Your medical marijuana doctor in , NV can help you decide what to use for maximum pain relief, and when. Doctors that recommend medical marijuana know that pain relief offered from a strain such as L.A. women can be outstanding.

Get a medical marijuana card in Nevada and you will have access to different strains of medical marijuana, each having particular characteristics that will solve your medical problems. A little bit of experimentation under the direction of your medical marijuana doctor will help you narrow down the possibilities, and find the perfect marijuana for your particular illness. You can find which strains will take care of your pain, If that's what you suffer from, or make you hungriest, if you suffer from nausea or vomiting. Maintaining your weight can be very important while recuperating from a minor illness or battling a disease, and medical marijuana recommended by a medical marijuana doctor in can be a great aid in helping you maintain your appetite, and your positive emotional well-being.






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