Treat Chronic Pain with White WIdow

If you suffer from chronic pain in Las Vegas, you have the ability to get a medical marijuana card in Nevada, which entitles you to marijuana for pain relief, and a host of other symptoms that medical marijuana can treat. Chronic pain is defined as pain that takes more than three to six months to abate, and can affect everyone despite race, age, ways of life and socioeconomic backgrounds. It affects as many as one in ten Americans; doctors that recommend medical marijuana in Las Vegas know that often, a holistic approach to managing this condition is the best idea for patients. This can include prescribing Las Vegas medical marijuana to treat chronic pain, including a recommendation for a strain known as White Widow.

Marijuana comes in two basic varieties: Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica. Sativas are known for their emotional effects such as euphoria and optimism. They are considered mainly a "mental high," lower in THC than Indicas and generally the medical marijuana of choice for daytime use becasue it doesn't cause quite as much sleepiness. Indicas are higher in THC and can be considered a "whole body high," making them effective at pain relief and for treatment of sleeplessness. Chosen more for night-time use, Indicas are stronger and last longer than Sativas, and perhaps are not the best choice for the new medical marijuana patient.

While White Widow is a hybrid of the two types of medical marijuana, Sativa and Indica, and Las Vegas medical marijuana doctors like to recommend this particular blend for pain management because of its potent and long-lasting effect. Described by patients as having a strong smell with spicy undertones, and offering energy and euphoria to medical marijuana patients, it is apparently a very pleasant experience while managing your chronic pain, a welcome relief from the emotional and physical strains that unending pain can bring to your life. It is also described as very strong, with the effects lasting up to three hours and possibly putting you to sleep. If you suffer from chronic pain, your medical marijuana doctor in Las Vegas may reommend it for this very reason; insomnia being a very real side effect of unrelenting pain.

No matter what your disease or symptoms, your Las Vegas medical marijuana doctor can recommend a dosage that will bring relief day or night, without the need for other prescription medications, or at least not as many.

A whole-body approach to managing your chronic pain can grant you access to edible products containing White Widow and other strains. Items such as teas, candies, cakes and tinctures are available for people who prefer not to smoke cannabis. Your Nevada medical marijuana doctor or Las Vegas medical marijuana clinic can advise you as to potential side effects, and how much to take and which strains might be best for treatment of your chronic pain, including the White Widow strain.






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