How Does Trainwreck Deal with Nausea?

To say that nausea is an uncomfortable sensation in an understatement. The persistent urge to vomit can be pure misery if it doesn't go away. For many people taking strong antibiotics or undergoing chemotherapy or radiation, nausea is an ongoing fact of life. Drugs like Gravol and Zofran are sometimes effective for combating nausea, but they are also expensive and tend to have other unpleasant side effects. Some people find relief from nausea in acupuncture, but it's hit-and-miss and requires finding a trained acupuncturist (not easy in many towns). Plus, acupuncture is often not covered in insurance plans, regardless of how effective it might be.

Other people turn towards doctors that prescribe marijuana in Nevada and patients can get a Medical Marijuana card in Nevada to ingest marijuana for medical reasons.

Among the many uses of medical marijuana, many users have found it very helpful in fighting nausea. Patients being treated with chemo and radiation often report that food tastes like "cardboard" or "modeling clay", resulting in poor nutrition due to a diminished apetite. In fact, for chemo patients and AIDS patients, medical marijuana in Las Vegas can be one of the only things that make them feel human by keeping the nausea down and giving them enough apetite for food to actually taste normal and good again.

Trainwreck is an older strain of sativa-dominant marijuana, with dense, dark-green buds loaded with orange hairs and THC crystals. It is marked by a spicy, earthy, somewhat skunky smell with a taste that's very similar. its potency is usually considered mild to moderate, with its effects lasting 2 to 4 hours. Users report an "immediate cerebral effect," with a buzz that can be felt through the entire body (making it a good candidate for keeping nausea down). Its moderate effects also make it fairly easy to get things done and stay functioning under its effects. Always consult your Las Vegas Medical Marijuana doctor to see what strain is right for your symptoms.

Every strain of medical marijuana in Las Vegas is a little different in its effects and the psychoactive properties that it has. For people suffering from chronic nausea, Trainwreck has proven to be pretty effective in giving them some relief.

Medical marijuana laws differ from state to state, and many states (and the federal government) are still debating medical marijuana legislation. If you're suffering from chronic nausea, you should see if you can get a medical marijuana card in Las Vegas. These are doctors that prescribe marijuana in Nevada who can help you with your problem; Trainwreck in particular seems to be a good, effective solution for chronic nausea.






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