How Does Medical Marijuana Tax Affect the Sales of Medical Marijuana

A ballot initiative backed by advocacy group Marijuana Policy Project title Nevadans for Sensible Marijuana Laws has an initiative which will be on the ballot in November 2012. The initiative seeks changes to medical marijuana clinics in Nevada to establish a system to regulate marijuana similar to alcohol.

The initiative would create a legal and taxed market for adults 21 and older, would limit producers to 50 and 120 stores statewide as well as placing a $50 per ounce tax on transfers between producers and retailers. medical marijuana clinics would have to pay a hefty price per transaction. That’s why for the most part the MPP has suspended their support for the bill. Las Vegas medical marijuana doctors would have to pay a large portion of their profits to the state, something that does not sit well with a lot of Nevada medical marijuana clinics.

While this bill may be historic it goes too far with the transaction cost and taxation of medical marijuana in Las Vegas. The bill is worth the support and it’s a step in the right direction but as far as medical marijuana clinics are concerned it’s a step too far. The legislation is in the right place but without equal representation through taxes it’s just not the right bill.

Doctors that prescribe medical marijuana in Nevada support these laws and they know the law is in the right place but without everyone working together the laws will not work for everyone.
Without Nevada medical marijuana clinics working in cooperation with other interested decision makers nothing will change. What is needed is an organized initiative that has the support from the entire medical marijuana community. Through organization the people working together with doctors that recommend medical marijuana in Nevada and Nevada medical marijuana clinics we can enact laws that support the type of change we all need.

Ask your legislator to consider voting for the changes you want to see. You can call your representative and explain to them your concerns about medical marijuana doctors and the laws affecting the citizens of the state. If your representative knows of your desire to end prohibition then perhaps you can push them in that direction. The more people that get a medical marijuana card in Nevada helps but only through actively calling and explaining to your representative your views will they pay attention. The more people who call their representative the better, the higher the call volume then the greater the chance they will listen.

Be active and knowledgeable about the issues and learn about Nevada medical marijuana laws. medical marijuana doctors support the efforts of patients and are more than willing to lend their assistance in the battle to create just and ethical medical marijuana laws. If you get a medical marijuana card in it will increase the registrar numbers and show the lawmakers that medical marijuana is serious and needed by patients.  






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