Does Sativa Strains Give You More Energy?

Medical marijuana doctors , Nevada have long been aware of the benefits of medical marijuana for certain patients. Medical marijuana may be prescribed for symptoms such as depression, nausea, vomiting and aches and pains, especially in those who suffer from other chronic, debilitating diseases like patients with AIDS or who are undergoing cancer treatment.

There are two main types of medical marijuana available from doctors who recommend medical marijuana in Nevada, and those are Indica and Sativa. The Indica strain of medical marijuana is described as producing a mild body buzz, which relaxes the patient and can aid in pain relief and management. Especially effective as a cure for insomnia, most medical marijuana patients choose to use this substance at night to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. It can produce a feeling of calmness and well-being, but are higher in THC than the Sativa strains,often producing a euphoric or hallucinogenic quality that might be disoncerting to newer patients.

The Sativa strain of medical marijuana frequently recommended by medical marijuana doctors in Nevada is said to reduce depression. It can also be effective against headaches (even migraines) and is said to give you more energy than Indica, stimulating your body and increasing focus and creativity. medical marijuana doctors recognize this strain's ability to stimulate the appetite, which is frequently lagging in patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiation for cancer. It is important to maintain healthy body weight during these trying treatments, in order for the body to fully utilize its natural reserves and healing abilities. Medical Marijuana can even help a nauseated patient keep food down to take advantage of much-needed calories. Sativa can give you more energy, making it easier to tolerate treatments, and can lead to a more balanced sense of well being, making depression less prevalent and life easier to deal with. Medical marijuana doctors often use this strain as a day time recommendation and medication.

Having less THC than Indica, Sativa strains are said to give you more energy and leave you with increased creativity and a more alert and awake feeling than Indica. It is advised by medical marijuana doctors that this strain is geared more towards daytime use, when the effects can be appreciated and the patient will not be made as sleepy or lethargic as with Indica. Your body may be less reactionary to pain signals with the use of Sativa, leaving you less anxious and concerned about headaches and body aches.

Your Medical marijuana clinic can best advise you as to which strain is right for your unique situation. Patients with more severe symptoms may require the strength of Indica, at the risk of hallucinations or extreme lethary. A lesser alternative is the Sativa strain, which is still useful for pain management and nausea reduction, but is less effective at providing relief from insomnia. While both are readily available when you get a medical marijuana card in Nevada, it is a choice to be made between you and your medical marijuana doctor as to which one you will choose.






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