Purple Erkle Relieves Pain and is Good For Social Anxiety

Anyone who has suffered from social anxiety knows that it can be almost debilitating. It's more than just a matter of feeling awkward or out of place- it's like having your speech centers lock up completely when faced when faced with ordinary instances of social interaction. It's more than just shyness, it's a complete unease and can include the feeling of being "evaluated" or "scrutinized" by other  people. It can manifest itself in symptoms like public speaking anxiety, embarrassment, anticipation, "stage fright", timidity, or even discomfort while eating in public. Medical marijuana doctors in Las Vegas have had success combating the signs of this disorder. Although undergoing these feeling is understandable from time to time, it's when any of these problems cross over into clinical forms of social anxiety that they become more intractable and harder to deal with.

Some define it as "an irrational or unreasonable expectation of negative evaluation by others," or "a motivation to make a desired impression along with doubt about having the ability to do so." Social anxiety disorder (or social phobia) often comes to light during adolescense; it can develop into a full-blown phobia that reduces your quality of life and can be very difficult to overcome. In some cases, it can be tied in with an obsessive-compulsive disorder, making the social anxiety even harder to deal with. Some patients that get a medical marijuana card in Nevada have had success dealing with the signs of this condition.

Some people who suffer from social anxiety disorder find that medicinal marijuana in Las Vegas can be helpful in reducing their stress levels while dropping their inhibitions in such situations. The strain Purple Erkle can effectively treat those who get a medical marijuana card in Las Vegas who are also fighting social anxiety disorder. With its dense, large buds and tangy, flowery smell, Purple Erkle is a distinctive hybrid; its effects are potent and long-lasting, but not incapacitating like some medical marijuana strains. Users have found it to be effective for anxiety, mild pain relief, and appetite stimulation (i.e. for chemo or radiation patients).

Of course, these desired effects won't be experienced by ever user. Some people discover the exact opposite effect while using medical marijuana; it can actually enhance or aggravate a sense of anxiety or paranoia. No two users are going to be the same, but many patients do find the relaxing, euphoric properties of a strain like Purple Erkle to be helpful in dealing with and overcoming social anxiety or social phobias. If you're suffering from social disorder or social anxiety phobias, you might want to consider getting a medical marijuana card in Nevada and looking for a doctor that prescribes medical marijuana in Las Vegas.

There's no sense in going through life with awkwardness and difficulty of social anxiety phobia when Las Vegas medical marijuana doctors can easily prescribe a cure for your disorder.






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