Senator Michael Schneider Works to Improve Marijuana

State Senator Michael Schneider, D-Las Vegas, plans to introduce legislation that would allow special pharmacies in Nevada to sell medical marijuana medical marijuana has had many champions before, but none with as high (no pun intended) a profile as Sen. Schneider. With this law a marijuana doctor would be able to distribute medical marijuana to patients that get a medical marijuana card in Nevada.

Currently, Nevada has a medical marijuana law on the books but Sen. Schneider believes that the current law is insufficient because it does not allow patients the ability to purchase medical marijuana, it criminalizes patients who need medical marijuana and because marijuana is hard to grow. A designated caregiver in Nevada is responsible for managing the well-being of medical marijuana patients.

Senator Schneider would like to see the law turn medical marijuana clinics into a place where medical marijuana patients could receive their medicine just like someone would do if they were filling a prescription. The Senator would like to see a move away from amateur run medical marijuana clinics in Nevada and to a more responsible, legislated medical marijuana community.

Despite his somewhat controversial stance Senator Schneider has fought hard and believes that he may have some partisan support from a Republican in the Nevada Assembly who also wishes to introduce his own medical marijuana law. Doctors that prescribe marijuana in Nevada would see an instant boost if they could distribute their medicine to the growing medical marijuana market.

All of this is coming on the heels of a recent medical marijuana clinic raid. With tax dollars all ready allocated to crumbling schools, inadequate infrastructure and the cities water shortage it seems heavy handed to use those funds to harass medical marijuana doctors.

The downside of the current law is that it does not offer every patient the ability to use medical marijuana. When a patient wants to get a medical marijuana card in Las Vegas they must jump through hoops setup by the system.

County Commissioner Chris Giunchigliani, who was the chief person involved with the 2001 medical marijuana law, said that the raids were heavy-handed. The ability for medical marijuana patients to receive their medicine is critical. If police interfere with a state mandated law then how will the voting public have a say?

But, thanks to Senator Schneider’s new bill they soon will have a say on the selling of medical marijuana. The 2001 bill passed with 65% supporting it and if this new legislation follows the same path then medical marijuana doctors could see their business change very quickly. Doctors that prescribe medical marijuana in Nevada have worked hard to see these changes benefit their patients. Maybe with a little bi-partisan work, and a lot of tax payer support, there will be sweeping changes to laws governing medical marijuana doctors in Nevada.

Change will not come overnight. It is up to you, the voting public, to express your desires and change draconian laws and allow medical marijuana patients their medicine.






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