Nevada Man Ordered to Write Report After Being Found with Marijuana

A judge in Nevada has given a man a very unusual sentence—a homework assignment—for the 25 year-old Sacramento resident who sold marijuana to a police informant at a casino parking lot in Lake Tahoe.

Matthew Palazzolo was ordered to write a report sitting far-right ideas and views on what the judge called the “nonsensical character” of California’s medical marijuana laws. Pretty neat idea, especially considering that Nevada medical marijuana clinics are operated much the same way as California’s.

The judge gave the defendant 90 days to complete the paper, which he will have to admit to his “self-admitted realization” that medical marijuana clinics in California sell a “gateway drug” which “led him to use more powerful narcotics”. Nevada medical marijuana clinics know that these are baseless accusations and countless studies have been shown to refute these claims.

Palazzolo, who pleaded guilty on all of his charges, was arrested after selling a quarter-pound of marijuana to a police informant for little over one thousand dollars. Polazzolo, who works for a Sacramento based law firm, said he grew the marijuana after getting a medical marijuana card. Unfortunately, you have to get a medical marijuana card in Nevada if you intend to possess medical marijuana. Doctors that recommend marijuana in Nevada do so under the guidelines set by the state lawmakers. medical marijuana doctors are acting under the law, but the judge in this case sees things a little different.

The judge seemed to be on a mission. Saying, “If this isn’t testimony to the absolute asininity of medical marijuana laws in California and the path Nevada is choosing.” What is asinine about lettingmedical marijuana clinics in Nevada dispense their medicine? This patient was growing his own medicine, under the rules set up by California’s medical marijuana laws. Rather than rely on pills from a huge pharmaceutical company, Polazzolo decided to grow his own medicine. medical marijuana patients have the right to do so as well. Doctors that recommend medical marijuana in Nevada know the value that it brings to patients. They have seen the Multiple Sclerosis patient unable to stop shaking with conventional medication suddenly be calm and relaxed after only a few tokes of medical marijuana.

Remember, when you get a medical marijuana card in Nevada it does not give you the right to take your medicine to other states without the same laws. Some states with medical marijuana laws may recognize you as a patient, but some could go for the quick buck and prosecute. You should be cautious even if you follow the rules and get a medical marijuana card, but it always helps to keep an eye out for judges and police who do not hold Nevada medical marijuana clinics in the highest regard.

This man got off with a book report but next time someone might not be so lucky.






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