For a More Relaxed Medication Try an Indica

Legal for quite a while now in Las Vegas, Nevada, medical marijuana can be recommended by a medical marijuana doctor in Nevada for a number of chronic diseases, medical symptoms, and for patients with chronic and acute diseases. Cancer and its treatments can leave a patient naseous, weak, depressed and with little or no apetite. Since a whole-body approach to healing can be aided through recommendations from medical marijuana doctors in Las Vegas, the body can see such benefits as increased appetite, reduced pain sensations, increased ability to sleep, and ease of peripheral side-effects such as headaches and body pain. Other diseases and symptoms aided in this holistic approach to healing include anxiety, panic attacks, gastroinstestinal disorders, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and even glaucoma.

The patient is bette able to assist in his or her own healing by maintaining a healthy appetite and body weight, through the use of either strain of medical marijuana: Indica or Sativa. There are distinct differences between the two strains. While Sativa is the milder of the two, leaving patients with more energy and creative thought than Indica, it is not as highly recommended by medical marijuana doctors in Las Vegas for insomnia or relaxation. Sativa is the choice for daytime use by patients, leaving one more alert an less prone to sleepiness and lethargy. if you need to get some sleep, however, Indica might be just the "ticket".

Indica "high" is described as a more complex experience, leaving the body more relaxed and with an enjoyable "buzzed" feeling. The strain is higher in THC, the chemical responsible for hallucinatory effects and euphoria, which may be off-putting to the first time patient of of medical marijuana in Las Vegas. Its use can leave a patient tired, and give them a feeling as they are stuck in one place, but that might be just what your healing body needs. A good appetite and a decent night's sleep can help your body with depression, nausea, anxiety and pain management, and other narcotics can leave you even more "drugged" than either Indica or Sativa. Patients can get a medical marijuana card in Nevada that entitles the holder to either strain, depending upon what is recommended by your medical marijuana doctor. The pain relief felt by Indica may be greater, but the trade-off is that you are sleepier and less energetic. However, if you suffer from insomnia, this may be exactly what you need.

Along with your Nevada medical marijuana doctor's advice and recommendation, you can give both strains a trial and error period to find out which is right for you. You might even find that your symptoms are best relieved by use of Sativa during the day, and Indica at night. A medical marijuana clinic in Las Vegas will also be able to assist you with any questions you might have. If one leaves you unsatisfied, there are many hybrids and variations that might help you with your disease symptoms.






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