What Will Happen if Proposition 19 Passes?

California’s initiative to legalized marijuana has drawn a lot of interest from people around the country. Marijuana doctors in Las Vegas have taken notice as well. Everyone is concerned about what will happen if Proposition 19 passes in California. Will it result in sweeping changes for Las Vegas medical marijuana doctors and patients of medical marijuana clinics in Nevada?

So far the consensus is a murky. Some lawmakers and people in the know think that it will have adverse affects for the nations budding medical marijuana clinics. But some see this as a positive for the new industry that is just starting to take root. Las Vegas medical marijuana has been available since 2001 and during that time there have been massive overhauls of the nation’s views and feelings on marijuana.

Since California authorized medical marijuana in 1996 the change has spread east to Nevada. Nevada medical marijuana clinics have been in operation since 2001 and during that time they have made a name for themselves inside the medical marijuana field. And now that Proposition 19 is on the verge of passing some are feeling the pinch.

What if the law passes? Will Nevada medical marijuana clinics see an influx of new medical marijuana strains or will the prices of medical marijuana in Las Vegas drop?

If the law passes and there is an influx of new strains medical marijuana it could create patients another avenue to try different types of medical marijuana strains. This could allow doctors that prescribe marijuana in Nevada to offer new strains to patients which will alleviate new symptoms or correct certain problems. With new strains comes a different value for patients, but some people see the prices of medical marijuana dropping to levels that have never been seen. Marijuana has traditionally been a black market drug and due to this the prices have remained artificially high, but due to medical marijuana the prices have dropped somewhat, however, some marijuana doctors in Las Vegas have traditionally charged the street cost of medical marijuana. But, with this predicted drop in prices of Las Vegas medical marijuana the patients could see the savings in the end.

 Nothing has been set in stone yet, Prop 19 is another month away from passing, if it does at all, but how it will affect Las Vegas medical marijuana doctors is something to think about. Sure, it could have small affects but with the states bordering each other there is potential for an interstate factory that improves medical marijuana for everyone.

For patients that want to get a medical marijuana card in Nevada the time is now. Medical Marijuana has moved away from being a taboo subject and now can be seen on nightly news shows. Major networks such as MSNBC have done entire programs about the medical marijuana trade. As more people take notice the issue will continue to gain stream until more states open up their medical marijuana laws. Soon, Nevada medical marijuana clinics may be able to offer their services without navigating the tricky medical marijuana landscape.






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