OG Kush and Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is common in adults. It can result from a multitude of different causes-poor posture, the wrong footwear, excess weight, driving, sitting for long periods, bad lifting habits or (all too common) stress. Sometimes low back pain is a result of a bulging disk or deteriorating vertebra, but more often than not its root cause is a spinal misalignment. It doesn't take much for a spinal misalignment to affect a patient. Pain may be intense, that's why Las Vegas Medical Marijuana doctors are here to help. The muscles on either side of the spine tend to clench inadvertently in an attempt to compensate for an imbalance, resulting in spasm-prone muscles that can't unclench again.  Because of this series of events, low back pain, more often than not, is caused by soft tissue spasms.

Another factor that adds to lower back pain and other bodily aches is stress. Stress can cause all kinds of physical problems. If you're already suffering from low back pain, that's one more stress factor that can form a loop with pain you're already experiencing and make it so self-fulfilling that it aggravates the problem. Or if you're stressed over bills, work, kids or other day-to-day things, your muscles can tense up subconsciously, sometimes resulting in low back pain. Now you can get a Medical Marijuana card in Nevada for pain management.

Stress reduction has always been recognized as one of the greatest benefits of medical marijuana in Las Vegas. Many users have also found it to be useful as a muscle relaxer. Vietnam war veterans found that it helped prevent or alleviate muscle spasms caused by spinal injuries suffered during the war.

OG Kush has been developed as a strain of medical marijuana in Nevada. With dense, neon-green buds and a high THC content, this particularly potent strain is an end-of-the-day indulgence. This specific medical strain has been found to make the user especially relaxed. This treatment is easily integrated into a successful lifestyle as low back pain is usually worse at the end of a work day. Users report that its psychoactive effects can be felt through the whole body, making it a good choice for low back pain.

Medical Marijuana doctors in Las Vegsa are giving new examination to many of the common medical problems in the medical and scientific communities. Nevada Medical Marijuana Clinics and the marijuana itself have shown benefits to help with nausea, neurological problems, pain relief, stress relief, suppressed appetite and many other conditions and disorders.

If you're suffering from low back pain on a daily basis, you might want to get a medical marijuana card in Las Vegas. There are a few (4-5) Medical Marijuana doctors in Nevada that recommend medical marijuana in Las Vegas, NV and these professionals can definitely give you some relief from low back pain or other muscle/soft tissue problems. There's no sense in living life with constant pain from muscle spasms when a doctor that prescribes marijuana can help ease your pain and reduce your levels of stress.






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