The New "Face" of Marijuana

With a growing medical marijuana economy there has been a push to take marijuana mainstream; growers, patients and businesses are looking to move away from the “stoner” culture into something more chic.

The United States is seeing a change in marijuana laws, including Proposition 19 to legalize cannabis in the state of California, so with this change comes a movement to place marijuana in a different light. Medical marijuana clinics in Nevada have seen some change come through. While the weed leaf is still a major symbol, the goal is to move away from the tie-dyed t-shirts it is famously seen on. Doctors that prescribe marijuana in Nevada have tried to change the face of marijuana and do so by operating respectable establishments. Las Vegas medical marijuana has been a busy enterprise and the move to change the face of marijuana has found some support.

Websites like are at the forefront of this change. Their site caters to the upscale, female smoker. Pot Couture is the first site dedicated and designed for the professional, stylish women who smoke marijuana. Marijuana doctors in Las Vegas can use these new resources to develop a culture that is geared toward the medical applications of marijuana and less on the “lazy stoner” mentality.

With the increase in doctors that prescribe marijuana in Nevada, patients have been able to receive their medicine without incident. As medical marijuana in Las Vegas expands it needs to have a different voice, medical marijuana will not be taken seriously if it maintains the same values in people’s eyes. If Las Vegas medical marijuana clinics act to change their image into caregivers then they should see an overall improvement in the opposition to medical marijuana in Las Vegas.

The concept is simple, instead of celebrating Cheech and Chong; you focus on Betsy who has trouble eating due to complications from chemotherapy. Lawmakers will have a much harder time denying medicine to someone who is suffering than forbidding “stoners” to get high. Doctors that prescribe marijuana in Las Vegas need to focus their marketing and branding towards a message of care.

But, that’s not to say that the stoner culture is going anywhere. While marijuana is still prohibited it will never come out into the mainstream. So it’s important to change how marijuana is perceived and that can start with Las Vegas medical marijuana clinics. With a concerted effort medical marijuana doctors in Las Vegas can slowly change how their businesses are perceived.

Perhaps if marijuana had a different image then doctors could experiment to see what other medicinal properties marijuana has. Patients can get their medicine quickly and without hassle. Nevada medical marijuana clinics can operate openly and provide for their patients in a classy, upscale environment.

The times are changing, but without help from everyday people, marijuana’s image will remain the same. For everyone involved it’s time to make the necessary changes that will benefit all medical marijuana patients in Las Vegas.






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