Nevada Medical Marijuana Program Facts

To register in the Medical Marijuana Program, call the Division of Health at 775-687-7594 and request information on how to receive a packet.

Answer ALL questions on the forms. You cannot be registered unless all questions are answered.

If you do not have a caregiver, write “NONE” in the section that asks for the primary caregiver’s name.

Your caregiver can be anyone as long as they are over the age of 18 and your physician approves of that person as a caregiver. However, a person cannot be in the program as a patient and a caregiver. Also, a patient may have only one caregiver, and a caregiver can only be a caregiver to one patient.

A person under 18 must have permission from their custodial parent or their guardian who is in charge of their medical decisions. And that person MUST act as the minor’s primary caregiver.

Only a physician who is licensed under NRS 630 or NRS 633 can sign a “Physician’s Statement”. That means only a medical doctor or osteopathic doctor licensed in the State of Nevada.

The specific reasons a person can be denied participation in the medical marijuana program are:

1. Failure to provide the required information.
2. Failure to establish the qualifying medical condition.
3. Failure to document the consultation with an attending physician regarding the medical use of marijuana in connection with the qualifying medical condition.
4. Failure to comply with the regulations adopted by the Division of Health and the Administrator of the Division of Health.
5. The Division of Health determines that the information provided by the applicant was falsified.
6. The Division of Health determines that the attending physician of the applicant is not licensed to practice medicine in this state or is not in good standing, as reported by the Board of Medical Examiners.
7. The Division of Health determines that the applicant, or the designated primary caregiver, if applicable, has been convicted of knowingly or intentionally selling a controlled substance.
8. The Division of Health has previously prohibited the applicant from obtaining or using a registry identification card.
9. In the case of a person under 18 years of age, the custodial parent or legal guardian with responsibility for health care decisions for the person has not signed the written statement required.

A card is good for one year only. It must be renewed annually, one year from the date your application was stamped.  The same procedure used in the original registration process must be followed except you do not have to submit another fingerprint card.

If you lose your card please contact the Division of Health at 775-687-7594 immediately. Do not call DMV.

The Division of Health cannot advise you on where to buy marijuana seeds or how to grow the plants, nor can they refer to a doctor.

This law gives you permission to have one ounce of usable marijuana, three mature plants, and four immature plants.

1. A “mature” plant is any plant that has flowers or buds that are readily observed by unaided visual examination. Until this takes place the plant is considered immature.

2. Usable marijuana means the seeds, dried leaves and flowers of a plant of the genus Cannabis, and any mixture or preparation thereof that is appropriate for the medical use of marijuana. The term does not include the stalks and roots of the plant.

Your medical marijuana registration card is not good in any other state, nor is the program of any other state recognized in Nevada.

The Medical Marijuana law is a state law, offering protection from state law enforcement only. The federal government does not recognize the state law and is not bound by it.

The cost to register in the medical marijuana program is $150. There is a cost for fingerprinting, paying when you have the prints done. The cost can range from $4-$20. There is also a charge to have the registry card made, payable to DMV at the time the card is made. The cost for this ranges from $11-$22.

The Division of Health does not make any medical decisions about an application. Your own, personal physician decides if you have a “qualifying disease”. The Division see that an applicant is in compliance with the law and if so, arranges for that person to be issued a registry card.

Changes can be made to the Division by telephone at 775-687-7594. The Division MUST be notified of the following changes within 7 days of the change.

   Patients:  Change of address
                   Change of phone number
                   Change of medical status
                   Change of status in regard to criminal convictions
                   If you have changed your designated caregiver or are no longer using a caregiver

   Caregivers:  Change of address
                       Change of phone number
                       Change of status with regard to criminal convictions
                       Change in the medical status of your patient
                       If you are no longer caregiver to your patient if your patient
                       If your patient dies

Your program registration card can be revoked if you fail to notify us of these changes, and this could prevent you from future entry into the program.



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