Is a Sativa or Indica Better for Muscle Spasms?

Anybody who's experienced severe muscle spasms knows how painful and difficult it can be. They can result from a lot of different causes, and prescription muscle relaxers have a lot of side effects. Prescription muscle relaxers can make you so sleepy and uncoordinated that it's difficult to function (let alone drive, work or operate any machinery). It might be something where you'll want to consider fiding a doctor that recommends medical marijuana and getting a medical marijuana card in Nevada.

Indica vs. Sativa

No matter what effect you're seeking from medical marijuana, the effectiveness and potency of the cannabis is going to be directly tied in to strain selection. Different strains are going to have different effects and differing degrees of relief. Regardless of what you're seeking from the medical marijuana, the idea should be to smoke as little as possible to minimize any respiratory problems from inhalation of smoke. You might want to consider vaporizer, which eliminates the lung irritation by taking smoke out of the equation completely.

The sativa plant is usually a taller, lankier plant, characterized by narrow, serrated leaves and loose flower clusters that can be coated with THC-laden crystals. Sativa tends to affect the mind and emotions more, making it useful and helpful for addressing the psychological repercussions of many illnesses that medical marijuana patients suffer. While sativa plants can be potent, many users find that they can still maintain and do day-to-day functions easily while under the influence of this type of medical marijuana.

Indica plants, on the other hand, are a shorter, shrubbier type of plant, with wide, deeply serrated leaves and dense flower clusters. The effects of Indica type cannabis, best suited for later in the day or before bed. Your medical marijuana doctor will be able to provide information that suits you.

When strains are crossed into hybrids, the characteristics and effects of one strain will usually be dominant over the other. An Indica dominant hybrid will typically be good for pain relief, with the sativa element keeping it from making the user too logy and lethargic. Sativa dominant hybrids tend to stimulate appetite, with the indica component helping to relieve body aches and heighten relaxation.


Helps Depression, Reduces Awareness of Pain, Relieves Headaches or Migraines, Reduces Nausea, Stimulates Appetite, Increases Creativity and Focus.


Aids Sleep, Anti-Convulsant, Relieves Headaches and Migraines, Stimulates Appetite, Suppresses Inflammation, Supresses Muscle Spasms.

There are medical marijuana doctors who are sensitive to your needs and your condition. If you're chronically suffering from muscle spasms, it's worth it to get a medical marijuana card in Nevada and find a Medical Marijuana doctor who can recommend medical marijuana.






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