Does Marijuana Prohibition Cause More Usage?

Does marijuana prohibition cause more usage_MM

It’s a long held opinion that if you reduce the quantity of a prohibited good then that product will cease to be of value. That has not held true for marijuana. Marijuana has long been a scapegoat for many of society’s problems and in 1970 the federal government classified marijuana as a schedule 1 drug. This designation forced marijuana down, but created a whole subculture devoted to it.

But, now medical marijuana in Las Vegas has broken through marijuana prohibition and found a home in the desert. Patients in Nevada medical marijuana clinics can now have safe access to their medicine like never before. Yet, there are concerned parties who believe that marijuana is harmful to society, and so it must be made illegal. Now that Las Vegas medical marijuana clinics are afforded the ability to authorize the use of medical marijuana, some people still claim that marijuana prohibition is the only thing that will stop people from using marijuana.

So, does marijuana prohibition cause more usage?

Despite whatever the risk of smoking marijuana may be, the current drug laws actually make matters worse in a several ways:

1. With paraphernalia laws in place there has been serious impediment to developing new technologies for smoking marijuana. However, Las Vegas medical marijuana clinics offer a variety of ingestion methods. But, this has affected patients because they could have new ways of ingesting marijuana. 
2. Prohibition encourages the sale of marijuana that could be contaminated or altered. But with medical marijuana doctors in Las Vegas you know that your medicine will be of the upmost quality.
3. By artificially raising the price of marijuana, prohibition has made it uneconomical to use marijuana in another form other than smoking. Medical marijuana clinics in Nevada are able to offer their patients space cakes, sprays and creams that contain THC.

Despite these laws, medical marijuana doctors have been able to find a legal way to dispense their medicine to needy patients.

Some people see prohibition as the only solution for marijuana, despite years of evidence that prohibition can actually makes matters worse. In The Netherlands, where the sale of cannabis is illegal, yet coffee shops are tolerated to sale cannabis, if they adhere to certain criteria, such as no advertising, no selling hard drugs, no public nuisance and no more than 5 grams per transaction, they actually have lower usage rates when compared to the US.

A 2008 survey by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health 2008, showed estimates of the US population aged 12 and over who admit to using marijuana at 41%, while in the Netherlands people age 15 and over show 19.5% usage rates.

Judging by those statistics, it becomes easy to see that with decriminalization that marijuana use actually drops. It is not known if Nevada medical marijuana clinics will see the same type of drop in usage as the coffee shops in Amsterdam, but many predict that the usage rates will continue to fall as marijuana becomes less taboo and more socially acceptable.






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