How is Marijuana Helping Children!

You can close your gaping mouth now. There has been plenty of research for finding out if marijuana actually helps children with disorders, diseases, and other illnesses.  Some parents have already given their children cannabis to help them with their issues.  How on earth does marijuana help a child? Medical marijuana clinics in Nevada and other states may be finding patients ask this very same question.

Judy Mendoza, a 43 year old mother of three started treating her son who has a rare, severe form of pediatric obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) with medical marijuana.

Judy was interviewed by Chris Connelly on ABC News 20/20 this year about giving her child medical marijuana to ease his obsessive-compulsive disorder.  Her son Ryan's disease is known as PANDAS (or Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcal Infections). Ryan who is 12 years old suffers from Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorder Associated with Streptococcal Infections (PANDAS) it's a severe form of OCD.  The sound of the wind or seeing the number 8 could completely terrorize a patient.
 Judy also spoke about the non-profit organization she started to help other mothers and children get support they need.

Judy formed the organization called Mama to Mama, which is a support system for families with children with special needs. 

Ryan's doctor recommended trying medical marijuana when the family tried all of the other treatments to no avail.  The marijuana has been working very well for Ryan Mendoza and his family.  He is given two different types of medications.  One is a medical marijuana capsule that he takes once a day; and the other is liquid drops put under his tongue if he has a lot of anxiety.  The liquid cannabis works efficiently and quickly when anxiety attacks come on fast.

Judy has become an advocate and speaker by talking about her son's illness and treatment.  She was invited to head a panel discussion at the second annual THC Expose' the biggest medicinal/cannabis awareness convention in the United States. 

Judy told a story about how Ryan stood in front of her car and begged her to run him over and kill him because he couldn't handle all the thoughts in his head.  Judy said she then gave him his marijuana medicine and just about an hour later he was sitting, relaxed.

Since Ryan has been taking his medical marijuana he has been able to play outside with his brother and sister and be a normal kid again.  He can live a normal life.

Doctors that recommend medical marijuana know that there is a lot of power in this drug – when used the proper way.

Here is another example of a mother treating her son with medical cannabis.  Mieko Hester-Perez made the decision to give her 10 year old son, Joey medical cannabis after his weight had become very low due to his unwillingness to eat.  Mieko said that before she started giving Joey medical marijuana he weighed only 46 pounds.

Joey was also known to have self-injurious behaviors.  Joey could be really aggressive; he would run out of the house and was dangerous to himself and others.

Only hours after Mieko gave Joey a cannabis-infused brownie, she could see a change in his appetite and his demeanor.

Joey used to take tons of different medications before medical marijuana for his condition.  Now he takes less and can even space them out two or three days.

Mieko swears that marijuana saved her son Joey's life. 

There are several stories surfacing about medical marijuana, with the rapid increase of medical marijuana clinics and other cities/states in the country where cannabis has been legalized for health treatment reasons.

If people put aside the notion that cannabis is a “gateway drug” or “dangerous,” they should realize the powerful effects it has on treating serious medical conditions such as the above, and when used responsibly and within realm for a child, it can be a miracle.






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