Study Finds: Fewer Than 1 in 5 Americans Say Marijuana More Harmful Than Alcohol

Americans increasingly view alcohol and cigarettes as more dangerous than marijuana. A telephone pole conducted by Rasmussen Reports finds that only 17% of Adults rate the use of marijuana as riskier than drinking alcohol. 50% say alcohol is more dangerous, and another 26% rate them as equally dangerous. Medical marijuana doctors in Las Vegas see this as a sign that people are beginning to respect marijuana as a treatment. Doctors that prescribe marijuana in Nevada have long felt that the pros of marijuana fair outweigh the cons.

Now, a majority of American adults who drink alcohol would rate it as more dangerous than marijuana. There are over 85,000 deaths related to alcohol in the US annually, while there are no reported cases of death caused by marijuana. Nevada medical marijuana clinics have see the way patients respond to marijuana as well as the effects it has on treating patient illnesses.

The most striking number is that there have been 0 recorded deaths due to the use of marijuana. Does that mean that it is safer for everyday consumption when used to treat medical ailments? Las Vegas medical marijuana doctors have been prescribing medical marijuana to their patients since 2001 and during this time they have seen the positive effects. With numbers like that it’s hard to understand why there is not more support for medical marijuana clinics in Las Vegas.

Also, 46% said that smoking cigarettes is more dangerous than smoking marijuana. 24% say that smoking marijuana is more harmful than cigarettes and 25% see the two as equally dangerous. The good thing about Las Vegas medical marijuana is that there are many ways to ingest cannabis. You can find brownies, sprays, creams and lotions that contain THC at most medical marijuana clinics in Las Vegas. Thanks to the variety of ways to use marijuana you don’t have to worry that smoking will cause you any ill effects.

Even more surprising is that 26% of adults think that smoking cigarettes should be banned, while 42% say marijuana needs to remain illegal. But, Americans are divided evenly on whether or not marijuana should be legalized, and most think that legalization will happen in the next ten years. Many people have said this before but it has not happened. Yet, the issue remains open while there are doctors that prescribe medical marijuana in Nevada.

The survey also showed that men feel stronger than women that alcohol and cigarettes are more dangerous than marijuana. Younger adults believe this the strongest. 40% of Americans admit that they have smoked marijuana at some point in their lives and 11% say they have smoked in the past year. The rates at which patients smoke marijuana can be determined by how many get a medical marijuana card in Nevada. Through that data we can see what percentage of the state is a regular user of cannabis.

Hopefully, within the decade more laws regarding medical marijuana will be changed. There could come a time when patients may not even need a marijuana card to visit their local Las Vegas medical marijuana clinics. The numbers don’t lie and the times are changing.






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