The Pros and Cons of Legalizing "Weed"

Ask any Las Vegas Marijuana medical doctor and you will hear of the many positive aspects there are for utilizing cannabis for medical treatment for a huge array of health conditions. In addition to the positive aspects of legalizing marijuana "all across the board," there are some cons as well. Medical marijuana clinics in Nevada will have the information you need to make the decision if cannabis is right for you.

At one point in U.S. history, cannabis plants were largely unregulated and marijuana was a common ingredient in many medicines. In the 21st century, the plant is still illegal in the United States, mostly due to moral and public health reasons, as well as because of the prolonged concern of violence and crime associated with production and distribution of the drug.

In par with up and coming Las Vegas medical marijuana clinics, there are many pending legislations with more than 20 U.S. states who are considering bills to "loosen" criminalization of marijuana use and possession.

Pro: Medical marijuana helps treat a number of different illnesses such as: cancer, AIDS, glaucoma and chronic pain. Consult with medical marijuana doctors in Las Vegas for more information. Cannabis is really a safe effective and non-toxic alternative to standard medications. There are no overdoses.

Pro: Marijuana is scientifically no more harmful than tobacco or alcohol.

Pro: Legalizing marijuana would end the need for indulging in criminal beahavior as crime and violence in the U.S. has increased due to the illegal selling and buying of marijuana. Police would be freed up to concentrate on more serious crimes than minor marijuana possesions.

Pro: as one of the most popular agricultural products in the nation, annual marijuana sales in the state of California alone could be worth $14 billion-imagine if the entire nation legalized marijuana!

Pro: Legalizing marijuana will demonstrate a "true" personal freedom. Marijuana, like alcohol or even sex, is one of life's little pleasures that the government should not dictate whether or not you can use it. Imagine the government trying to ban alcohol again, or, given the obesity epidemic in this country, pizza and doughnuts?

Con: While it is not proven, marijuana could be a "stepping stone" drug. What this means is marijuana smoking could possibly lead to harder drugs such as: cocaine, heroin and others. This is only true in the fact that most people who choose to do drugs, and would even consider the "harder" ones will likely start with marijuana first. this does not suggest that those who smoke marijuana are tempted to try other drugs.

Con: A significant portion of Americans believe the use of marijuana is morally wrong, due to religious codes that prohibit the use of intoxicating substances.

Con: Legalizing marijuana may subject some to secondhand smoke, but like tobacco, usage could be regulated.

Con: Smoking marijuana may have an effect on male fertility in that it may cause lower sperm counts and mobility. Consult with Las Vegas medical marijuana doctors for more information.






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