Top Reasons Why Legalizing Cannabis Just Makes Sense

The debate is still going strong on whether or not to legalize marijuana – ask any medical marijuana doctor in Las Vegas, just to name one source.  Many people get the impression that marijuana will turn people into potheads and slow them down in life.  Others believe that marijuana will help relieve ill people of their painful symptoms. Doctors in Las Vegas are prescribing medical marijuana for those reasons.  Below is a list of the top reasons why legalizing cannabis just makes sense. There are billions of dollars being spent on pharmaceutical drugs that have the potential of being dangerous due to side effects that can kill.  It seems crazy that a natural plant that has been used as medication for centuries is not legal. Some pain pills barely work and can cost up to $100 per pill, as well as may cause damage to the heart, liver, kidneys, and even death.  Marijuana doesn't have the chemical dependency that other pain killers have.  So even if there is an addiction, it wouldn't be physical.  Prescription drugs are the ones that hook many people into heavy addictions. 

1.  Cannabis is NOT lethal.  Marijuana isn't toxic the way other drugs are.  Studies show that cannabis isn't toxic to people, and the overdose amount is very unrealistic.  Tobacco and alcohol are more addictive and more dangerous than cannabis. Consult with a Nevada medical marijuana clinic for more information. 

2.   Marijuana has many positive medical attributes.  Cannabis is not akin to hardcore drugs, such as cocaine or crystal meth, which ruins people's lives. Marijuana has been used for medicinal properties for thousands of years.  It is an effective pain killer for cancer and an appetite stimulant for patients with AIDS. Doctors that prescribe medical marijuana in Nevada medical marijuana clinics know this to be a fact. 

3.   Cannabis can potentially be an alternative fuel.  Hemp can be used to create bio-fuels that are clean burning.  Hemp is such a good choice for bio-fuel because of its ability to grow quickly in almost all different climates. The rest of the plant can be used to make fabrics, ropes and other items. 

4.  Violence and crime in the United States has increased due to illegal sales of marijuana.  If cannabis was legalized it would end some criminal behavior as well as serious drug related disputes.  Drug mafias would lose their significance. Police will be able to focus on more serious crimes. 

5.       Cannabis is one of the most popular agricultural products in the United States.  Annual marijuana sales could be worth 14 billion dollars.  New tax revenues from making marijuana legal could exceed 1 billion dollars, just in the state of California alone. 

6.  The government spends $8.26 million dollars a year to keep cannabis off the streets. Can you think of ways this money can be better spent?  

7.   One-sixth of people in jail are in there for non-violent marijuana offenses.  Jails are overcrowding and the cost to keep these offenders detained is very high.  If marijuana was to be legalized there would be more room in jail for more dangerous offenders. 

8.   Money saved on law enforcement can be turned into a profit and be used for treatment and education of the effects of drugs.







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