How Well Does Medical Marijuana Treat Glaucoma?

Doctors that prescribe medical marijuana, Nevada often prescribe if for a variety of ailments, and are often asked to explain how well it might work to treat glaucoma. Medical marijuana is part of the Cannabis Sativa plant, a medicinal and euphoric herb that has been used for thousands of years both as a medical treatment and as a way to relieve pain. It is comprised of a mixture of the dried flower and leaves from the tops ofthe female plants, and it contains over 400 chemical agents. The action of each of the agents is only known to a limited degree, and doctors who recommend medical marijuana know that it is the THC in the chemical group cannabinoids which has been targeted as the main reason for the effectiveness as a medical treatment. It has been associated with pain relief, and nausea abatement, and to get a medical card in Las Vegas, you might be able to have a medical marijuana doctor  recommend it to you as a way to ease the ocular pressure associated with the disease glaucoma.

Glaucoma increases pressure within the eye ball, and getting a medical marijuana card in Nevada can help you with potential vision loss by easing that pressure. Intraocular pressure can cause a loss of vision and can be uncomfortable. Medical marijuana recommendation may help ease ont only the pressure itself, but also the peripheral pain that may be suffered from the glaucoma pateint.

Scientific studies as to the effectiveness of the treatment are limited, and findings generally inconclusive. Limited study results indicate that intraocular pressure dropped shorter after ingestion, via oral administration, of smoking the medication, with duration times lasting from 3 to 4 hours. Your medical marijuana doctor may issue you a recommendation or help you get  a medical marijuana card in Nevada for the treatment of glaucoma based solely on testimonial evidence of how it is purported to help other patients. A marijuana doctor in Nevada medical clinic may conclude that evidence that it does not work does not yet exist, so may include it in their regimen of other holistic remedies.

Of particular note is the other benefits associated with the use of medical marijuana, namely in pain management, stress relief, and as a cure for insomnia or restlessness at night.

Certainly, a good night's sleep is beneficial in a whole body sense towards a patient's revocery from any number of diseases, and glaucoma patients in Nevada might benefit from medical marijuana to help them relax, and fall asleep faster. having a medical marijuana doctor in Las Vegas who can get you a medical marijuana card or even recommend medical marijuana may have a placebo effect on you in the form of lessened anxiety, since you know you are not doing anything illegal. Lowered stress levels certainly have a beneficial effect in any patient, with a sense of well-being and calmness being associated with lowered blood pressure.






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