Billionaire George Soros Donates for Proposition 19

In recent news is the fact that billionaire George Soros contributed one million dollars to a California group, the Drug Policy Alliance, an advocacy group for drug legalization. Soros is a member of their board, and is one of their largest donors.

In a press release, Soros said that legalization and taxation of marijuana would save millions of dollars in incarceration costs and the expense of law enforcement, while creating a new source of revenue for the state. Soros’ donation came on the heels of a radio ad that was sponsored by the California Chamber of Commerce, which claims the law could threaten workplace safety and hurt California’s economy.

Soros’ donation is the largest private, single donation aside from that of Oakland’s medical marijuana entrepreneur, Richard Lee. The Drug Policy Alliance plans to use the money to make push voters to the polls and a grass-roots movement with campaigns and television ads.
Doctors that recommend >marijuana would do well to keep an eye on how this legislation pans out; patients that need to get a medical marijuana card in Nevada should pay attention, too. Medical marijuana clinics would only benefit from increased availability and lack of criminalization of the act of recommending medical marijuana.

Doctors that prescribe medical marijuana in Nevada need to keep this new California initiative in mind if similar legislation is sought in Nevada. Furthering the benefits to medical marijuana patients ought to be at the forefront of every medical marijuana clinic, and Nevada might very well benefit from California’s support and initiatives. If Proposition 19 passes legalization measures and makes marijuana legal and taxable, a side effect of California’s steps could be that medical marijuana clinics see Nevada legislation follow their lead.

It is expected that Soros’ large donation will start a landslide of monetary support on both sides of the issue. Escalation will see new television and radio ads both in support of and against the Prop 19 legislation. Soros states that he is unhappy with current inconsistencies in United State drug policies and enforcement, and that he sees racial inequity in marijuana-related arrests. Las Vegas and all of Nevada could see their medical marijuana being easier to obtain, without having to go through the process to get a medical marijuana card in Nevada. Easier access could mean an easier time for medical marijuana patients in Nevada, and for clinics that deal with medical marijuana dispensing and recommendations.

However, the medical marijuana doctors may see such legislation cuts into their bottom line, by limiting their ability to make a profit from patients who formerly needed state-sanctioned medical marijuana cards for treatment. Hopefully, Nevada medical marijuana patients will still see the need for professional advice from a Nevada medical marijuana doctor, before he or she decides they can just decide their own course of treatment. Keeping an eye on Prop 19 in California and how money people such as Soros are, perhaps, gaining ground in their initiatives is in the best interest of doctors that recommend medical marijuana in Nevada.






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