Even fox News Comes Out in Support of Medical Marijuana

Even though the November election was a failure for Proposition 19 (which would legalize the recreational use of marijuana in California) there remains hope. Strange allies are popping up to show support for legalizing and taxing marijuana. Strangest among those is Fox News itself. They tossed their hat into the ring on the back of Dr. Dale Archer, a Fox News contributor who wrote a scathing piece detailing the failures of our drug war as well as the level that Big Alcohol has gone to see Prop 19 crushed.

It’s a shame that this endorsement had little effect on the outcome of Prop 19; however, if the proposition had passed the whole country could have seen sweeping changes to medical marijuana policy. Medical marijuana clinics in Nevada would have benefited through increased exposure, legalization would have increased the dependability of medical marijuana as well as showcasing that marijuana doctors are an indispensible form of treatment for patients.
 The Fox News piece went on to examine how marijuana is relatively harmless when compared to alcohol, so why not tax and regulate it like alcohol? The support came from various places but it did not have the effect that medical marijuana doctors were hoping for. Doctors that recommend medical marijuana in Nevada were especially displeased to see the motion fail. They’re businesses would have seen a tremendous uptick through legalization of marijuana in California.

 The piece went on to explain how crime developed during alcohol prohibition and only subsided after the Government took control of the alcohol trade, the exact same thing that appears to be happening with the illegal marijuana trade in America. As well having a prison economy where 1 in 4 prisoners is there for non-violent drug charges.

For the support Fox News generated with this piece they did a lot more to hinder Prop 19. medical marijuana doctors have seen the value of medical marijuana first hand. They know how their medicine can help patients cope with a variety of illnesses.

For many the answers are right in front of them, legalize marijuana, tax and regulate it and use the money to further medical marijuana clinics research. You could even open treatment facilities for people who get a medical marijuana card in Nevada. Legalizing and taxing marijuana has the benefit of freeing up law enforcement to deal with truly important crimes like rapist and murderers. As well as reducing the non-violent prison population.

Even though the motion failed there is always 2012 and by that time there could be more sweeping legislation for medical marijuana doctors in Nevada. The next election is only two years away. It will be on your voting ballot again. Doctors that recommend medical marijuana in Nevada want to see change to our nation’s drug laws, by learning from our mistakes and with strong support in 2012 we can see Nevada medical marijuana clinics come out ahead. 






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