What Percentage of Nevada Residents Favor Medical Marijuana for Insomnia?

The popularity or lack thereof of medical marijuana in Las Vegas, Nevada is frequently quantified by polls. In 2002, medical marijuana doctors in Nevada saw that 79 percent of state residents said they supported existing Nevada law legalizing the medical use of marijuana under a doctor's supervision. Its use as a treatment for insomnia in Nevada is based upon evidence, both empirical and testimonial, that medical marijuana can increase sleepiness in patients who suffer from insomnia. A licensed Las Vegas medical marijuana doctor knows that traditional prescription medication for insomnia, such as Ambien, has a number of adverse side effects that can include severe allergic reactions, sleep-eating or sleep-driving and excessive sleepiness the next day. Prescription medication that might be given to you by other doctors in Las Vegas could include Lunesta, which might have the adverse effect of memory loss, anxiety, and abnormal thoughts or behaviors. A medical marijuana doctor in Las Vegas, Nevada can recommend marijuana for relief of insomnia symptoms without these troublesome effects. Medical marijuana in Las Vegas can be obtained but you need to get a medical marijuana card in Nevada from a licensed doctor who recommends it to you.

Medical Marijuana doctors in Las Vegas know that marijuana can cause sleepiness and pain abatement, with its application topically, orally or by smoking the herb. Medical marijuana can be ingested too, as food, with marijuana baked right into pasteries, brownies, cakes, cookies, and savory items such as teas and stews. A Nevada medical marijuana card can grant you access to any number of marijuana treatment options, including food, herbs, beverages and oils, all of which can be had at medical marijuana dispensaries (which are in fact not legal in the State of Nevada at the time of this writing) to a cardholder. Las Vegas medical marijuana doctors recognize the unique advantages of a patient who is able to make choices with regard to their self care.

If you suffer from a disease that is causing insomnia, a good night's sleep can mean all the difference from a holistic standpoint, to your body's own natural ability to fight off the disease and attendant symptoms. A doctor that recommends medical marijuana in Las Vegas knows that the easing of pain shows better sleep as a benefit, as does medical marijuana's ability to make the patient sleepy, thereby cutting down on insomnia. Medical marijuana doctors in Las Vegas also recognize that marijuana can ease tension, anxiety, muscle spasms and a lack of apetite that might compromise a patient's ability to heal their body. Holistically speaking, medical marijuana enhances one's feeling of well being to the extent that it enables the body to be a bigger proponent in the fight against disease and insomnia, without a medicinal recommendation for sleeplessness.

Nevada residents have become more accepting of medical marijuana as a treatment for insomnia since the election of President Obama. Poll numbers indicate a rise in the popularity of medical marijuana in Las Vegas and other cities in Nevada, perhaps because of the president's more liberal stance on Federal Law vs. States Rights as well as holistic approaches to medicine in general, and the perceived and documented benefits of medical marijuana in particular.

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