1.Q) Is the use and possession of marijuana legal in the State of Nevada?
1.A) Absolutely NOT, depending upon the amount of marijuana you posses, the penalty can be as simple as a citation/fine to as much as 10+ years in prison depending amount and the circumstances.

2.Q) Is the medicinal use of marijuana legal in the State of Nevada?
2.A) Yes, in 2001 the Nevada State legislators passed a law for a limited number of Qualifying Diseases for the medicinal use of marijuana in the State of Nevada.

3.Q) What are the qualifying Ailments/Diseases that qualify me to posses a medical marijuana card in the State of Nevada?
3.A) Some of the main Ailments/Diseases that qualify for medical marijuana in Nevada are: HIV/AIDS, Cancer, Glaucoma, Persistent Muscle Spasms, Seizure Disorder, Chronic Pain, and medical conditions that cause Cachexia “wasting”/weakness). For more information go to "Who Qualifies For Medical Marijuana?"

4.Q.) Can I receive medical marijuana in the State of Nevada for my Insomnia, Anxiety, Nightmares, or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)?
4.A) No, the State of Nevada medical marijuana program only allows for the use of medical marijuana for diseases/ailments that can be justified with “real” and/or “objective”proof through medical records from a qualified medical specialist. With medical records you have to show that you have an actual ailment/disease. (Click Here to See who qualifies for Medical Marijuana in Nevada) If you feel as though you qualify for medical marijuana for a “subjective” diagnosis (i.e. Insomnia, Anxiety, Nightmares, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder/PTSD) you can petition Nevada State Legislators to allow the use of medical marijuana for other unlisted ailments their website is www.Leg.State.NV.US/NRS/Index.cfm

5.Q) Who do I contact in order to get started with the medical marijuana program n Nevada?
5.A) If you knowingly have the documentation/medical records for a listed ailment you can obtain your application from the Bureau of Health Statistics, Planning & Emergency Response (Medical Marijuana Program) in Carson City, NV. Their Phone number is 775-687-7594.

6.Q) Who signs off and/or recommends medical marijuana in the State of Nevada?
6.A) NRS 453A.030, Section 1 defines an attending physician as one “who is licensed to practice medicine pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 630 or Chapter 633 or NRS”. This means only medical doctors licensed under NRS 630 or Osteopathic doctors licensed under NRS 633 can complete the “Attending Physicians Statement.”

7.Q) Once I obtain my application from the Bureau of Health and my medical records who do I contact next?
7.A) You will contact a physician in a medical specialty with the corresponding Disease/Ailment that you suffer from (i.e. Glaucoma/Ophthalmologist, Chronic Pain/Pain Management, AIDS/HIV/Infectious Disease Specialist, Chronic Spasms/Pain Management Specialist, Seizure Disorder/Neurologist, Cancer/Oncologist.

8.Q) Does a Nevada licensed medical doctor prescribe medical marijuana in Nevada?
8.A) No, the doctors signature for a listed ailment and the use of medical marijuana in the State of Nevada is only a recommendation, not a prescription.

9.Q) Can I get a recommendation from a physician in any medical specialty, for instance my child’s pediatrician?
9.A) No, absolutely not. Depending upon your medical diagnosis/ailment it is best to consult with a physician who practices within the scope of their practice that is consistent with your ailment.
For Example:
For instance the State of Nevada defines (According to NRS 453.050) a chronic or debilitating medical condition:

Cancer (Oncologist/Cancer Doctor)
Glaucoma (Ophthalmologist/Eye Doctor)
Seizures (Internist/Neurologist)
Pain (Pain Management)
You should only get your recommendation from the appropriate and
qualified medical specialist for your Las Vegas, Nevada medical
marijuana card.

10.Q) Do I have to be 21 years of age in order to receive a medical marijuana card in Nevada?
10.A) No, but a person under 18 must have permission from their custodial parent or their guardian who is in charge of their medical decisions, and that person MUST act as the minor’s “primary caregiver”.

11.Q.) Can a patient under 21 receive a recommendation for medical marijuana From Patients Choice Medical Center?
11.A) No, Patients Choice Medical Center adheres to a strict policy to only recommend medical marijuana to patients that are over 21 years of age with a valid Nevada driver’s license and a complete set of medical records.

12.Q) What type of medical records do I need in order to receive my recommendation for medical marijuana from Patients Choice Medical Center?
12. A) In order to receive a recommendation for medical marijuana in the State of Nevada from Patients Choice Medical Center you need to be a patient who has been treated by a physician for pain management or have the following medical records for pain

1.) Current MRI or CT Scan completed within the last 3-4 years with positive results/Required)
2.) Print out of a list of medications from your pharmacy for the use of pain medication or muscles relaxers (Required)
3.) Surgical Report (recommended but not required)
4.) Physical Therapy Reports (Recommended but not required).

13.Q) Will the Division of Health advise me on where to buy marijuana seeds or how to grow plants, or refer me to a doctor who recommends a license for medical marijuana.
13.A) No, the Bureau of Health cannot provide you with this information nor can they advise you in anyway.

14.Q) Once I receive my Nevada medical marijuana license where do I get my medical marijuana?
14.A) The State of Nevada is considered a “caregiver state” for medical marijuana as opposed to a “dispensary state” (California).

15.Q) What is the difference between a “Caregiver State” vs. “Dispensary State” for medical marijuana?
15.A) A “Caregiver” is someone who applies for the Nevada medical marijuana program and declares themselves a caregiver whereby they can grow (4 immature and 3 mature plants) and supply a single patient with medical marijuana if the patient is not capable of growing medical marijuana themselves. Your caregiver can be anyone that is qualified through the Nevada medical marijuana program as long as they are over the age of 18 and your physician approves of that person as a caregiver. However, a person cannot be in the program as a patient and a caregiver. Also, a patient may have only one caregiver and a caregiver can only be a caregiver to one patient.

Dispensary State’s like California provide medical marijuana products (i.e. Brownies, Cookies, Butter, Hash, Kief, Tobacco) in store front operations, Whereby the patient walks in provides proof that they are eligible for medical marijuana with their card orders product(s) and offers a donation.

16.Q) Is Nevada a “Caregiver” or “Dispensary” State for Medical Marijuana?
16.A) Nevada, is considered a “caregiver” state ONLY, however in the past 1.5 years 25-30 illegal operations have opened their doors and are representing themselves as non-profit co-op medical marijuana dispensaries/consultants thus putting themselves and Nevada medical marijuana card holders in jeopardy of losing their privileges to posses a medical marijuana card in Nevada.

17.Q) Can I grow marijuana myself if I do not have a caregiver?
17.A) Yes, Nevada law gives you permission to have one ounce of usable Marijuana, three mature plants and four immature plants.

1.) A “mature” plant is any plant that has flowers or buds that are readily observed by unaided visual examination. Until
this takes place the plant is considered immature.
2.) Usable marijuana means the seeds, dried leaves and flowers of a plant of the genus cannabis and any mixture or preparation
thereof tat is appropriate for the medical use of marijuana. The term does not include the stalks and roots of the plant.

18.Q) Is my Nevada medical marijuana card recognized in the State of California?
18.A) No, your Nevada medical marijuana card is not recognized in an other State other than Nevada nor is a card from another State recognized in Nevada.

19.Q) Is my Nevada medical marijuana card recognized and approved by federal law as well as Nevada State law?
19.A) No, the Nevada medical marijuana law is considered a State law and not a federal law offering protection from State law enforcement only. The federal government does not recognize state law and is not bound by State law.

20.Q) What are the fees for obtaining my medical marijuana recommendation/card in Nevada?
20.A) There is a $25 application fee and a $75 registration fee with the State of Nevada. The doctors recommendation for a new patient is $80. there is a fingerprinting fee of $20 and finally a Department of Motor Vehicles fee $20 for the actual card once you are approved. The total is around $220.

21.Q) How long is my Nevada medical marijuana card good for?
21.A) 1 year, after one year you must pay a renewal fee of $100 to the State of Nevada as well as a $100 renewal fee to physician for the recommendation.

22.Q) If I have a prior felony drug conviction that is related to sales, distribution or trafficking narcotics can I get a medical marijuana card in Las Vegas, NV?
22.A) No, when you apply for your Nevada medical marijuana card, if you falsify the information on your application you are taking the chance of having your card permanently taken away or being rejected during the application process. If you have encountered any types of legal problems in the past it is best to consult with an attorney before applying for your medical marijuana card in Nevada.

23.Q) Once I receive my medical marijuana card in Nevada, how much marijuana can I posses as a patient? How much can I posses as a caregiver?
23.A) Holding a marijuana registry card does not exempt a person from the laws that apply to marijuana. It only allows for both a “patient” or “caregiver” of the Nevada medical marijuana card to posses up to one ounce of usable marijuana and grow 3 mature and 4 immature marijuana plants at any given time. Also, you cannot be a patient and a caregiver at the same time. You can only be either a patient or a caregiver but not both.

24.Q) Is it true that if I have a Concealed Weapons Permit (CWP) that I cannot be a Nevada medical marijuana (“patient”) cardholder?
24.A) Yes, if you have a Federal Concealed Weapons Permit (CWP) you cannot be under the influence of a controlled substance and you cannot posses a concealed weapons permit.

25.Q) If I have a Nevada medical marijuana card and I drive or operate heavy machinery under the influence of marijuana can I be charged with a DUI under Nevada law?
25.A) Yes, if you drive, operate, or control a vehicle or vessel under power or sail while under the influence of medical marijuana you can be charged with a DUI. Unlawful amounts of marijuana in the blood or urine, per N.R.S. 484.379, are 10 nanograms per milliliter of urine and 2 nanograms per milliliter of blood.

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