Protect Yourself From Drugged Driving Laws

In the ever expanding war on drugs there emerges a new term, and that term is DUID, which is short for “driving under the influence of drugs”. This law has been billed as necessary to crack down on drugged driving. medical marijuana doctors always prescribe their patients to use medical marijuana under the correct conditions. However, these new laws may label sober drivers as intoxicated because they were found to have ingested a controlled substance, marijuana specifically, at some point in the past.

Medical marijuana clinics in Las Vegas prescribe their medication under the optimum conditions and always advise patients of the effects of medical marijuana. Though medical marijuana clinics in Nevada have not come under such laws there is talk that the laws could be introduced. Las Vegas medical marijuana doctors are against such laws that violate patient’s rights.

Defining DUID

Most states with DUID laws are “effect based” laws, meaning there laws forbid drivers to operate a motor vehicle if they are under the influence of a controlled substance, or if they are incapable of driving safely because of illicit drug use. Doctors that prescribe medical marijuana in Nevada make it a point to inform their patients of the laws of the state. If you have concerns you should consult your medical marijuana doctor.

In order for the patient to be convicted the prosecutor must prove that the driver’s impairment was directly linked with the consumption of an illegal substance. They can do so through blood test and saliva test. And therein lies the problem. The main component in medical marijuana, THC, can be detected in blood levels of heavy users up to 2 days after use, which of course is long after the effects have worn off. Medical marijuana clinics in Las Vegas have seen the danger of these laws and how they inhibit patients who get a medical marijuana card .

The vagueness of the laws and their sweeping grasp is more than enough to deter medical marijuana patients from getting the medicine that they need for fear of the DUID laws. If you are stopped and the officer says you were driving recklessly and have a medical marijuana card then they could use that as a means to charge you with drugged driving. medical marijuana clinics would be adversely affected if law enforcement was allowed to use these laws in negative ways.

If you find yourself victim of drugged driving laws, while you were not under the influence, you should consult a medical marijuana lawyer. Ask your medical marijuana doctor in Las Vegas about drugged driving laws so that you can be prepared for any contingency. Remember to always be mindful of the law and use the knowledge of medical marijuana doctors in Las Vegas to your advantage. They are your best resource for knowledge and help with medical marijuana.






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