Medical Marijuana Has a New Delivery System: Soda Pop

While smoking is the best way to ingest your medical marijuana, as well as give yourself the correct dosage, but you are still smoking dried plant matter. This is obviously not the best scenario, especially if your immune system is compromised.

But, a Colorado company has come up with a new solution, a cannabis laced soda named Dixie Elixirs. The soda comes in eight different flavors including pink lemonade and grape. Dixie is currently only available in Colorado with hopes to branch out into Nevada medical marijuana clinics. The company claims that the drink is made from a sativa strain. When Dixie Elixirs comes to Nevada it will only be available to patients who get a medical marijuana card in Nevada.

The company promises that Dixie Elixirs will provide “an organic alternative for patients seeking a refreshing but equally potent alternative to smoke and tinctures, or carb and calorie loaded edibles”. As well as being discrete, delicious and potent. The company also claims that carbonation delivers faster relief.

Dixie Elixirs is selling their drinks for $12 a bottle. That price may be a little much for some Las Vegas medical marijuana patients. And who knows, the product could taste awful and deliver a substandard high. But, it’s really not very discrete, since the bottle has a marijuana leaf on it, but it’s a novel idea.

Check with your local medical marijuana clinics to see if they are carrying Dixie Elixirs. Even if they are not and you need an alternative to smoking marijuana, they can oblige. Doctors that recommend medical marijuana in Nevada can probably find a medical marijuana clinic that will offer Dixie Elixirs.

If you are an experienced smoker and want to try something new then definitely go for a Dixie Elixirs flavored medical marijuana soda, but if you are more of a traditionalist it’s probably not your cup of cannabis tea.

If smoke inhalation bothers you don’t despair because there are a lot of other ways to ingest Las Vegas medical marijuana. You could try using a vaporizer or try an edible medical marijuana alternative. A lot of medical marijuana doctors recommend using a vaporizer if they’re patients are not comfortable with smoking due to medical complications.
Edible treats are advisable for patients who do not want to smoke and are readily available in medical marijuana clinics in Nevada.

If you are curious about Nevada medical marijuana clinics then get a consultation from a doctor that recommends marijuana in Las Vegas. They are your best source for information on medical marijuana and are always available to answer your questions. Right now Dixie Elixirs are not available in medical marijuana clinics but that could change quickly. If the demand increases then medical marijuana doctors may start carrying Dixie Elixirs, but for the time being it’s recommended that you get your medical marijuana in a traditional form from your medical marijuana clinics.






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