Pennsylvania Man Arrested for Counterfeit Drugs After He Called 911 to Complain

If you’ve ever gotten a rotten bag of medical marijuana, we understand. It happens to some people when they look for marijuana outside of medical marijuana clinics. But, this story is a bit different. When this clever fellow decided he needed some marijuana, possible for medicinal purposes, he went to someone he couldn’t trust. This Pennsylvania man called 911 to complain about the awful marijuana he bought, when it turned out to be some other substance the man was arrested on charges of “possessing a counterfeit controlled substance”. How is that a crime?

What this really demonstrates is that the laws in place for Las Vegas medical marijuana clinics are working. Without doctors that recommend marijuana in Nevada more people could be stuck in this situation. medical marijuana clinics offer only the highest quality medical marijuana in the state.

This Pennsylvania man said that he purchased what he thought was marijuana. After smoking it he called 911 and told them “it was nasty”. That’s when 911 alerted the police and Detective Donald Gmitter determined that the substance wasn’t pot at all. medical marijuana doctors have some of the finest medicinal herb available. When you’re looking for top quality medical marijuana you have many options.

And to make matters worse, after this poor guy was duped he got snared by the police, who gave him charges of “possession of a counterfeit controlled substance”. If laws like that are on the books, then people carrying powdered sugar should be on the lookout. What we need to learn here is that regulation would have prevented something like this from happening. In Nevada medical marijuana clinics there are rules and regulations about who can possess medical marijuana. If Pennsylvania had similar laws as medical marijuana clinics in Nevada then this man would not have to go to jail.

Also, there wouldn’t be a colossal waste of police time. During this whole 911 call who knows how many police officers actually were involved in the arrest, transfer and storing this man. With regulations in place to govern medical marijuana doctors there can be a clear cut process that eliminates shifty, unreliable marijuana dealers. Think of that, patients can have their medicinal marijuana in a controlled environment that actually brings in taxes for the government.

There are 5 state initiatives pertaining to medical marijuana in this election cycle. Perceptions are changing and medical marijuana clinics are helping to push that change. With increased exposure due to these ballot initiatives and with help from positive medical marijuana clinics there will be the change we all want to see. Medical marijuana doctors in Las Vegas are working to make this goal a reality through their everyday activities.

By regulating and taxing medical marijuana we can prevent incidents like this where an otherwise innocent man is condemned and brought on charges for buying marijuana.






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