Colorado Town Experiments With Pot Crops

Thanks to Colorado’s expanding medical marijuana business state and local governments have found new sources of revenue during this tough recession. In Colorado Springs, medical marijuana sales tax has grown to about $50,000 per month, which allowed the city to reopen a range of public services.

But the additional revenue has also allowed the Colorado Springs Police Department to fund a new task force specifically designed to watch over the industry.

While some medical marijuana clinics will frown on this idea, it has its merits. This unit would ensure that everything is done safely and that Nevada medical marijuana clinics will not negatively impact the life of the community. Many California areas have seen towns, which are specifically geared toward the medical marijuana industry, be overrun with medical marijuana shops.
We all believe that medical marijuana doctors should have the right to recommend medical marijuana in Nevada. However, this must be done with care. If medical marijuana clinics in Nevada< do not follow the rules it creates problems for everyone. Without proper supervision and enforcement, doctors that recommend medical marijuana in Nevada will be working in the Wild West. No medical marijuana doctor wants to see their efforts be ruined because of a few rotten eggs.

The Colorado task force is actually a good sign for the burgeoning medical marijuana community. There will be a team of three detectives and a code enforcement officer assigned to the team. Pending city council approval the task force should start in 2011, the officers would work basically like the enforcement agents who monitor city liquor laws and zoning regulations. And the entire cost of the unit will be paid for by medical marijuana taxes.

Medical marijuana doctors, as well as patients, would benefit from the same type of regulation. Regulation gives medical marijuana in Las Vegas a legitimate foothold, taxes are good for the city overall and it’s good for medical marijuana patients. The Colorado Springs unit will be tasked with making sure that medical marijuana vendors are consistent with their practices and only offer marijuana to patients who get a medical marijuana card.

Nevada has some of the same regulations as Colorado, so this makes opening a similar unit quiet easy. For a patient to get a medical marijuana card in Nevada they must get a recommendation from a doctor that recommends medical marijuana in Nevada. Without the state issued card no patient is eligible for medical marijuana under the current terms.

But, with Colorado Springs creating a medical marijuana task force, it makes the business more of a business and moves it away from perceived shady operations typically associated with marijuana dealers. This move by the Colorado Springs police department could have profound impacts on the doctors that recommend medical marijuana in Nevada. If their move is successful it will validate the medical marijuana movement. Many medical marijuana clinics welcome regulation and see it as a positive sign for the medical marijuana movement. This move is recognition by the police that medical marijuana is here to stay and that they must change their priorities.






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