What Are the Favorites to Win the Cannabis Cup

It’s that time of the year again, forget Christmas or New Years, instead the world turns its collective gaze to Amsterdam for the 23rd annual Cannabis Cup. Every year High Times magazine puts together their marijuana extravaganza. The event last November 21st-25th and judges are readying their lungs in anticipation.

Many Nevada medical marijuana clinics will participate as will medical marijuana doctors across the country. The event is basically a 5 day party where judges sample the entries by each coffeeshop. Some unfortunate marijuana doctors in Las Vegas will only be representing in spirit.

Every year a Cannabis Cup winner is proclaimed for the best marijuana. There is also a Sativa Cup, Indica Cup, Hash Cup, Product Award and Glass Award for the best smoking apparatus.

The Indica Cup and Sativa Cup have drawn a lot of attention in Las Vegas medical marijuana circles. Many of the strains that will be on display could come back as medicine for the patients of Las Vegas medical marijuana clinics. Last years Sativa Cup Champion was by Harvest Men for their sweet strain Ceres Hilton. The Indica Cup winner Starbud was engineered by Hortilab. There’s no word yet on when these lovely marijuana strains will be making their way to the Nevada medical marijuana clinics but it can not happen soon enough.

While hash may not be a big draw in America, in Europe hash is much more widely used. Doctors that prescribe marijuana in Nevada typically do not prescribe hash for their patients but still some people prefer their medicine in hash form. The winner for the Hash Cup was by Green House for their potent Rif Cream. If Las Vegas medical marijuana caregivers offered hash this would be the cream of the crop.

The Cannabis Cup awards prizes for the top product and top glass pipe. Not surprisingly Roor glassware won the Glass Award. Roor is one of the finest glass makers and though doctors that prescribe medical marijuana in Nevada are not authorized to sell glassware a trip to the local headshop should solve the problem. Or if you want you can check out Roors website then visit here. The Vapor Swing won top honors for the Product Award. The Vapor Swing is an attachment for a bong that converts it into a vaporizer-bong combo so double your pleasure, double your fun with this two-in-one device.

If you are a Las Vegas medical marijuana patient and you have not been to Cannabis Cup then you should make your reservations now. Tickets go fast but the single day tickets are available at a cheaper rate than judge’s passes, but your vote will not count in the final tally if you do not have a judge’s pass.

The contestants have not been announced for the 2010 Cannabis Cup but there is speculation that The Grey Area, always an American favorite, will have a top strain along with Barney’s, another long time competitor. When these new strains of medicine will find their way to Las Vegas medical marijuana clinics is, unfortunately, unclear. Cannabis Cup is almost here and judge’s passes are still available, so why not try the best marijuana before it is available at Las Vegas medical marijuana clinics.






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