How is Medical Marijuana Beneficial for Cancer?

A doctor who prescribes medical marijuana in Las Vegas or anywhere in NV faces questions about how it is beneficial for cancer patients. To get a medical marijuana card in Nevada, you need to have a recommendation from a medical marijuana doctor, and your condition might be that of cancer. Marijuana is normally an illegal drug, but 14 of the 50 states and the District of Columbia have legalized its use as a medical treatment. Recognized as a viable alternative, holistic approach to pain management, apetite stimulant and decreased nausea and muscle spasm, it seems an ideal prescription for patients who suffer from these symptoms due to the disease of cancer, or from the symptoms caused by conventional, Western medical treatments. The holistic approach to these symptoms in patients is recognized by the Las Vegas Medical Marijuana doctors at Patients Choice Medical as a naturalist approach to the whole body care, with the marijuana itself being wholly natural and often organically grown and harvested. The lack of chemicals in marijuana makes it attractive to patients in need.

Its benefits are many for cancer patients, including the increase in apetite that causes in patients who might otherwise not feel all that hungry, perhaps due to nausea from chemotherapy or radiation treatments. A common side effect of marijuana use is "the munchies," which means the user gets very hungry and for a sustained period of time while under the influence of the drug. This increase in apetite and decreased nausea are a benefit that medical marijuana doctors in Las Vegas recognize. The weight loss associated with the lack of eating is detrimental to the welfare of patients in general, and in cancer pateints in particular, because lack of energy and stamina means a decreased lack of ability to naturally combat the cancer. Medical marijuana doctors in Las Vegas can help reduce nausea and vomiting in certain cancer patients and can greatly improve a patient's quality of life. A marijuana doctor in Las Vegas, Nevada can help with this symptom of nausea or disinterest in food, by prescribing marijuana after you get a medical marijuana card.

In advanced cancer cases, a Las Vegas medical marijuana doctor might prescribe marijuana to help relieve pain associated with the disease. Research has indicated a 30 percent reduction in pain, in contrast with placebo patients who reported an 18 percent reduction.

Las Vegas Medical Marijuana can also help reduce spasms which might be associated with acute pain, the THC acting to decrease muscle spasms or twitching, increasing a patient's normal mobility. Doctors that prescribe medical marijuana in Las Vegas, Nevada know how important pain management, apetite and being free of uncomfortable spasms can be to a cancer patient. This is why you can get a medical marijuana card in Nevada; to help with your recovery and symptoms of both the disease and traditional treatments, including radiation and chemotherapy. Your ability to attain a medical marijuana card in Las Vegas will be contingent upon a medical exam by a Nevada medical marijuana doctor, diagnosing your need for pain management, nausea abatement or an increase in appetite.






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