Big Alcohol Supports "No on Proposition 19"

Recently it was disclosed that that the California Beer and Beverage Distributors Association is one of the main primary contributors to the Public Safety First, which is the sponsor for the ‘No on Prop 19’ campaign. medical marijuana doctors could be adversely affected if the move to legalize marijuana in California is thwarted.

Some Medical Marijuana clinics in Nevada have close ties with medical marijuana in California and if this was interrupted it could mean a loss for medical marijuana patients and Doctors that prescribe marijuana in Nevada.

But why would alcohol try to fight the legalization of marijuana in California?
Proposition 19 would regulate and tax marijuana like alcohol. The lobbyist’s donations will go to fight the legalization of marijuana and some have alleged that their funds will be used to “spread the lie that employers must tolerate stoned employees”, while this has not been proved it has been widely speculated. Many marijuana doctors could see an increase in the quality and quantity of medical marijuana if Prop 19 is passed in California. It is estimated that alcohol causes an estimated $37 billion of costs in California each year through emergency room visits, arrests, and domestic violence.

The move by the California Beer and Beverage Distributors Association is probably financially motivated. With the extension of marijuana to a base that is more than willing to accept it, the alcohol distributors could see a loss of profits. Nevada medical marijuana clinics would lose out if Prop 19 was to fail in the election. Doctors that prescribe marijuana in Nevada have seen the amazing affects that medical marijuana can have on patients, and most support Proposition 19, so the fact that California beer distributors are actively trying to decimate California’s bid for equal marijuana is disturbing.

Marijuana prohibition is very important for beer distributors, since they see it as a barrier to their business, and the beer distributors will do what they can to protect their product. Their donation is one of the largest to be received by the Public Safety First foundation. Despite the fact that alcohol has been attributed to more fatalities than marijuana they thought it fit to send funds to an organization that would benefit from this. Nevada medical marijuana clinics have never had a negative incidence related to marijuana like the alcohol industry.

medical marijuana clinics stand to lose a lot with the upcoming elections and it’s important that lawmakers see the budding marijuana business for what it is. The inaction on the part of lawmakers has allowed a black market to corrupt marijuana into a harmful entity in some people’s eyes. Doctors that prescribe medical marijuana in Nevada want to change that perception and allow medical marijuana to be seen as a beneficial element and the cultivation of medical marijuana as a legitimate source of medicine.

With the changing landscape it is important to emphasize how medical marijuana can positively affect the lives of medical marijuana patients. Despite the fact that the drug has been vilified there remains strong support among doctors that prescribe medical marijuana in Las Vegas.






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