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Benefits of Medical Marijuana: Indica vs Sativa
Medical marijuana doctors in Las Vegas, NV, an indeed all over Nevada, know what the benefits of medical marijuana can be.

Do the People of Nevada Want Anxiety Treated with Medical Marijuana?
Anxiety is among the leading disorders in the United States, with an estimated 40 million adults being diagnosed with this condition.

Does Sativa Strain Give You More Energy?
There are two main species of medical marijuana available Indica and Sativa.

For a More Relaxed Medication Try an Indica 
strains if marijuana have been described as a more complex experience, leaving the body more relaxed.

Grape Ape Assists With Insomnia
Learning about the strain Grape Ape means understanding how it works as an Indica.

Grapefruit Strain is Good for Insomnia
"Grapefruit" is a Sativa strain of medical marijuana that has been reported to work for insomnia.

How Can the Marijuana Strain "Blueberry" Help with Joint and Muscle Pain?
Joint and muscle pain can be caused by any number of injuries or reasons.

How Can Medical Marijuana Help Multiple Sclerosis Sufferers?
Medical marijuana has been shown to help relieve the symptom's of Multiple Sclerosis.

How Do You Know if Medical Marijuana is Right For You?
Honestly, how do you know if medical marijuana is right for you? Have you considered all the other options available to you first-or do you just want to take a less invasive pain relief strategy?

How Does Trainwreck Deal with Nausea?
To say that nausea is an uncomfortable feeling is an understatement.

How is Medical Marijuana Beneficial for Cancer?
Its benefits are many for cancer patients, including the increase of appetite it causes in patients who might otherwise not feel all that hungry, perhaps due to nausea from chemotherapy or radiation treatments.

How Well Does Medical Marijuana Treat Glaucoma?
Glaucoma increases pressure within the eyeball, and getting a medical marijuana card in Nevada can help you with potential vision loss by easing that pressure.

Is a Sativa or Indica Better for Muscle Spasms?
No matter what effect you're seeking from medical marijuana, the effectiveness and potency of the cannabis is going to be directly tied in to strain selection.

LA Woman Strain is Great for Pain and Insomnia
A particularly effective strain of Indica called L.A. Woman, is great for pain and insomnia.

Marijuana "Did You Knows?"
Everything that you wanted to know about marijuana but were afraid to ask.

Marijuana Myths and Facts
There are a plethora of myths surroounding the effects caused by marijuana.

OG Kush and Low Back Pain
Low back pain is a common condition in adults. It can result from a multitude of different causes-poor posture, the wrong footwear, excess weight, driving, sitting for long periods, bad lifting habits or (all too commonly) stress.

Purple Erkle Relieves Pain and is Good For Social Anxiety
Anyone who has suffered from social anxiety knows that it can be almost devilitating.

Several Ailments that Marijuana Can Effectively Treat
Medical marijuana clinics in Las Vegas can be the first to tell you that marijuana, or cannabis, is known to help treat and cure many different illnesses and diseases.

The Historic Timeline of Marijuana
While nobody can be exactly sure of the details surrounding the discovery and first uses of the cannabis or marijuana, plant, there is notable documentation of the uses for the plant dating back thousands and thousands of years.

The History of Medical Marijuana in the U.S.
Although marijuana has been used for thousands of years, the history of medical marijuana in the U.S. is much shorter.

The Pro's and Con's of Legalizing "Weed"
In addition to the positive aspects of legalizing marijuana "all across the board", there are some cons as well.

Treat Pain with White Widow
Chronic pain is defined as pain that takes more than three to six months to abate, and can affect everyone despite race, age, ways of life and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Uses of Cannabis Throughout History
The marijuana, cannabis, or hemp plant is one of the oldest psychoactive plants known to the human race, and is said to have originated in the Middle and Far East regions, chiefly in China, Korea and Taiwan.

What is White Widow Best at Treating?
Doctors that recommend marijuana in Nevada know taht there are thousands of strains and varieties of medical marijuana available for medical use, and they each have particular characteristics. 

What Percentage of Nevada Residents Favor Medical Marijuana for Insomnia?
The popularity or lack thereof of medical marijuana in Las Vegas, Nevada is frequently quantified by polls.

When is the Best Time to Use Medical Marijuana?
Trying to determine when the best time to use medical marijuana is not a simple process.

Will Anxiety be Treated with Medical Marijuana Under Nevada Law?
a medical marijuana doctor in Las Vegas and other cities may legally recommend medical marijuana for a variety of diagnosed conditions.

Top Reasons Why Legalizing Cannabis Just Makes Sense
The debate is still going strong on whether or not to legalize marijuana

Marijuana is NOT the 'Gateway Drug'
The gateway theroy presents drug use as a progression in which users move from legal drugs like tobacco and alcohol to marijuana, and from there to harder drugs like heroin, cocaine and crystal meth.

Famous Marijuana Advocates
There are hundreds of celebrities that are standing up in the big marijuana debate.

Why is Marijuana So Controversial?
A question that has affected the medical world for centuries...Why is marijuana so controversial?

Pros and Cons of Medical Marijuana
Medical Marijuana seems to be on every news cast and in every headline on the internet.

The New "Face" of Marijuana
With a growing medical marijuana economy there has been a push to take marijuana mainstream; growers, patients and businesses are looking to move away from the “stoner” culture into something more chic.

Study Finds: Fewer Than 1 in 5 Americans Say Marijuana More Harmful Than Alcohol
Americans increasingly view alcohol and cigarettes as more dangerous than marijuana.

Will Happen if Proposition 19 Passes?
California’s initiative to legalized marijuana has drawn a lot of interest from people around the country. Marijuana doctors in Las Vegas have taken notice as well. Everyone is concerned about what will happen if Proposition 19 passes in California?

Does Marijuana Prohibition Cause More Usage?
It’s a long held opinion that if you reduce the quantity of a prohibited good then that product will cease to be of value.

Big Alcohol Supports "No on Proposition 19"
Recently it was disclosed that that the California Beer and Beverage Distributors Association is one of the main primary contributors to the Public Safety First, which is the sponsor for the ‘No on Prop 19’ campaign. Las Vegas medical marijuana doctors could be adversely affected if the move to legalize marijuana in California is thwarted.

What Are the Favorites to Win the Cannabis Cup
It’s that time of the year again, forget Christmas or New Years, instead the world turns its collective gaze to Amsterdam for the 23rd annual Cannabis Cup.

Senator Michael Schneider Works to Improve Marijuana
State Senator Michael Schneider, D-Las Vegas, plans to introduce legislation that would allow special pharmacies in Nevada to sell medical marijuana

Medical Marijuana: Is it Safer Than Prescription Drugs?
With the ever growing accidental deaths due to prescription drug overdoses in the past years, people are beginning to examine their own pill bottles and wonder if that could happen to them.

Canada Eh!, Midlife Pot Smoking on the Rise For Our Friendly Neighbors
Does it seem to you that pretty much everyone has smoked marijuana at least a couple times in their lives, or more often? Today more and more adults are smoking cannabis.  Why the sudden increase?  Read on to find out.

How is Marijuana Helping Children!
You can close your gaping mouth now. There has been plenty of research for finding out if marijuana actually helps children with disorders, diseases, and other illnesses. 

Protect Yourself From Drugged Driving Laws
In the ever expanding war on drugs there emerges a new term, and that term is DUID, which is short for “driving under the influence of drugs”.

How Does Marijuana Tax Affect the Sales of Medical Marijuana
A ballot initiative backed by advocacy group Marijuana Policy Project title Nevadans for Sensible Marijuana Laws has an initiative which will be on the ballot in November 2012.

Incarceration Rate of Marijuana Users Close to All Time High for 2009
The figures are in and 2009 is shaping up to be one of the most lucrative for law enforcement in recent years.

Seniors and Marijuana
Hearing about senior citizens using marijuana may sound a little funny to you, but it is a very real occurrence happening within the United States, thanks to the growing legalization of medical marijuana such as in Nevada (several medical marijuana clinics are coming about).

Billionare George Soros Donates for Proposition 19
 In recent news is the fact that billionaire George Soros contributed one million dollars to a California group, the Drug Policy Alliance, an advocacy group for drug legalization.

Pennsylvania Man Arrested for Counterfeit Drugs After Calling 911 to Complain
If you’ve ever gotten a rotten bag of medical marijuana, we understand.

Colorado Town Experiments with Pot Crops
Thanks to Colorado’s expanding medical marijuana business state and local governments have found new sources of revenue during this tough recession.

2010 Marijuana Conference: What Was Discussed?
Medical marijuana is a hot topic today. Throughout the country, states have various laws either allowing their citizens access to marijuana for medical purposes or restricting. During the 2010 Marijuana Conference, various aspects of marijuana and its legalization under a wide variety of laws were discussed.

Even Fox News Comes Out in Support of Medical Marijuana
Even though the November election was a failure for Proposition 19 (which would legalize the recreational use of marijuana in California) there remains hope. Strange allies are popping up to show support for legalizing and taxing marijuana.

What Caused Proposition 19 to Fail in California
The last poll before the November 2nd election had Proposition 19 winning by a large margin…now we know that not to be the case. Proposition 19 was defeated 54% to 46%.

105 Tons of Marijuana Seized in Mexico
Recently, Mexican officials seized over 105 tons of marijuana at the US-Mexico border.

Medical Marijuana Has a New Delivery System: Soda Pop
While smoking is the best way to ingest your Las Vegas medical marijuana, as well as give yourself the correct dosage, but you are still smoking dried plant matter. This is obviously not the best scenario, especially if your immune system is compromised.

Michelle Rainey, Long Time Medical Marijuana Advocate and Patient Passes Away
For those of you who do not know her, Michelle Rainey was one of the most dedicated medical marijuana activists in the world.

Nevada Man Ordered to Write Report After Being Found with Marijuana
A judge in Nevada has given a man a very unusual sentence—a homework assignment—for the 25 year-old Sacramento resident who sold marijuana to a police informant at a casino parking lot in Lake Tahoe.

Marijuana and the Treatment of Pain
Millions of people throughout the U.S. suffer from chronic pain.

Cancer Patients and Marijuana
It has been proven that marijuana helps to ease the pain of cancer patients and also to increase their appetite.

Is Marijuana Toxic? Think Again
It has been argued for years that marijuana "fries your brain," but luckily scientists have proven this to be false, and medical marijuana doctors in Nevada and other states in which cannabis is legal for medicinal purposes can testify to this.

How Will Federal Laws Interact with State Marijuana Laws?
Proposition 19 was a letdown for the Las Vegas medical marijuana community, but it hasn’t stopped the fight, there will be another election in 2012 and Nevada medical marijuana clinics are in full support of California giving it the old college try one more time.

Former Surgeon General Jocycelan Elders Favors Legalizing Marijuana
Former U.S.  Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders said she supports the legalization of marijuana.

Marijuana and Stress Relief
Marijuana is one of the most beneficial and therapeutically active substances known to humankind.

The Benefits of Medical Marijuana in Treating Aches and Pains
So far, nearly half of the country now has legalized the use of medical marijuana.

Medical Marijuana as a Treatment for Epilepsy
In spite of the many debates that have arisen in regards to marijuana, few people have been able to deny the facts that the drug has been able to bring relief to millions.

Can Medical Marijuana Help Sufferers of PTSD?
Recently, there has been a great deal of controversy surrounding the legalization of marijuana.

The Possibilities of Using Medical Marijuana to Control Obesity
It seems that marijuana has commanded quite a lot of attention in recent years.

How Medical Marijuana Can Help Asthmatics
With the legalization of marijuana is spreading across the country, the door has opened up for researchers to study its medicinal uses in a wide variety of situations.


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