Michelle Rainey, Long Time Medical Marijuana Advocate and Patient Passes Away

Marc Emory’s ex-business partner and medical marijuana advocate, Michelle Rainey has passed away due to cancer.

For those of you who do not know her, Michelle Rainey was one of the most dedicated medical marijuana activists in the world. Her passing is a huge blow to everyone involved in medical marijuana, especially patients of Nevada medical marijuana clinics.

Michelle lived her life with Crohn’s Disease and later in life struggled with melanoma and lymphatic cancer. She was the brains behind Marc Emory’s marijuana-based empire. She had since gone on to produce a YouTube show called Michelle’s Medicinal Marijuana. Michelle had become the queen of medical marijuana.

This woman did more for medical marijuana than you can imagine. She was a champion of medical marijuana across all state lines, including Nevada medical marijuana clinics. Her desire and dedication lead her to one thing in life: improving the state of medical marijuana in the United State.

In the early 90s, Michelle Rainey began smoking medical marijuana in place of her traditional pharmaceutical drugs to relive the symptoms of Crohn’s Disease. She became a convert after medical marijuana did not cause the same side effects as the pills.

From there on she dedicated her life to improving the medical marijuana conditions in the United States. Her efforts lead to doctors that recommend marijuana in Nevada, medical marijuana clinics in Nevada and the Las Vegas medical marijuana revolution in general. She had a hand in everything from moving seeds back and forth from Europe to hosting some of the largest medical marijuana rallies around. A marijuana doctor is only able to provide their medicine today because of actions of people like Michelle Rainey.

Throughout her life, Rainey made friends with higher-ups throughout the US and Canada in hopes of increasing medical marijuana advocacy across the board. Michelle was one of the first people to be outspoken about medical marijuana and anyone who gets a medical marijuana card in Nevada owes her a great deal of thanks.  Without the changes she affected, medical marijuana doctors would not be allowed to operate today.

It was not an easy road but Michelle persevered through it all. She was the bedrock that Las Vegas medical marijuana is built on. Her struggles with traditional medication lead her down the medical marijuana path and through that she was able to affect the lives of medical marijuana patients and medical marijuana doctors.

Her legacy will not be forgotten. The good people at High Times magazine know her legacy all too well. Michelle will live on through remembrance and the Las Vegas medical marijuana movement she created. Next time you take a puff of the dankiest dank doctors that recommend marijuana in Nevada provide, think of her. She will not be forgotten as long as there are Las Vegas medical marijuana supporters.






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