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15The human body is a marvelous engine, capable of healing itself naturally. Doctors who study the art of naturopathy, holistic and Eastern medicine traditions know the benefits of medical marijuana in patients. Doctors that recommend marijuana in Nevada know this, and medical marijuana doctors in Las Vegas and all other Nevada cities believe that a holistic approach to patient care is of paramount importance. Originally starting with pain management and opiate detoxification, Patients Choice Medical Center now incorporates natural, Eastern medicine practice into its care of patients, including those with cancer, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, persistent muscle spasms, chronic and acute pain. 

The doctors at Patients Choice Medical approach patient care differently than other pain management clinics, having practiced pain management and opiate detox we’ve seen the harm that can be brought by pain medications. Older people and adults should consult with their doctor before making the decision to use prescription pain medication or over the counter medications. Studies have shown that even commonly prescribed medications can result in heart attack, stroke, constipation and respiratory depression. We want to maintain our patient’s health, not hurt it, so we went a different route. 

Medical marijuana is a known safe and effective means for delivering relief from chronic pain, glaucoma, chronic muscle spasms, seizures, AIDS/HIV, nausea and lack of appetite, whether from disease or as stand-alone symptoms. It is a natural herb, and medical marijuana cardholders can attain it through a “caregiver” in Nevada, in the form of herbs, oils and foods. Medical marijuana can be orally, topically or by ingestion of smoke. 

It has been shown to be an effective holistic cure in Nevada and all over the world for such a variety of ailments. Currently, medical marijuana is legal in 14 states and the District of Columbia, with legislation underway in several other states. The search for a balanced lifestyle is at the core of the recommendations by holistic medical marijuana doctors in Las Vegas, and it might be narrow-minded to eschew the real benefits seen by a more natural way of dealing with the body's diseases, discomforts and dysphoria. Las Vegas Medical Marijuana is an accepted means of treating so many ailments, that it is surprising that it is not more thoroughly embraced by American culture.

Our holistic approach to medical marijuana Las Vegas means a “whole body” approach to patient care, including physical, mental and emotional factors. The breakdown of any of those components spells disaster for the rest, so holistic, natural doctors seek balance in their patients, often through the recommendation of medical marijuana. The body's remarkable ability to heal itself is encouraged through the use of herbs, meditation and clean living. 

Dietary changes are encouraged, including ingestion of whole foods and more fruits, vegetables and water, and sometimes through the use of medical marijuana. Yoga and Pilates may be recommended for the body, and other non-traditional means for pain relief, and general health may be recommended by your medical marijuana doctor in Nevada; whether or not the whole body diagnosis and treatment plan includes medical marijuana is up to your physician.

Holistic medicine can include many remedies, including acupuncture, acupressure, homeopathy and the administration of herbs other than medical marijuana. Chronic conditions such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes can be realistically managed through use of the holistic approach, including medical marijuana use and Nevada law allow patients to get a medical marijuana card in Nevada to those patients they see the potential for helping through these non-traditional means.

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