105 Tons of Marijuana Seized in Mexico

Recently, Mexican officials seized over 105 tons of marijuana at the US-Mexico border. The individually wrapped packages were being guarded by drug cartel members, which resulted in a shootout with Mexican police officials. The marijuana was found in 6 cargo containers and had an estimated street value of $335 million. The packages were headed to one place…the United States.
Every package was coded for sale across the border. While the US portrayed this as another successful victory for the War on Drugs, they did not take into account the amount of money that this marijuana would generate through taxes and government regulation. Let alone the violence resulting from drug cartels.

This escalation shows how huge the marijuana industry is in the United States. Cartels are willing to face huge odds to get their product into the hands of American consumers, illegally.
This just highlights how the War on Drugs has failed. Despite our best efforts, drugs are going to flow freely into this country. The only thing to do is accept this while taxing and regulating marijuana. 

medical marijuana clinics are not too far from Mexico, so things that happen south of the border also affect medical marijuana clinics in Nevada. Due to the violence associated with prohibition, some Nevada medical marijuana clinics> feel that they are being lumped into the same type of activity as the cartels. This is simply not true. Medical marijuana clinics in Nevada exist to provide patients with relief for debilitating conditions such as AIDS, chemotherapy treatments and a myriad of other illnesses.

Without protection from state and local authorities, doctors that recommend marijuana in Nevada would go out of business, resulting in no taxes for the state as patients seek medical marijuana from other sources, such as illegal drug dealers. When you get a medical marijuana card in Nevada, you understand that it is for the purposes of reducing and relieving symptoms of medical conditions. It’s taxed and regulated. But when cartels are allowed to run wild it puts medical marijuana doctors in a bad light. This is something we all want to avoid. medical marijuana exists to help patients, not hurt the welfare of the community like these cartels.

Until medical marijuana clinics in Nevada are fully recognized by the US government and action is taken to formally legalize marijuana, the violence will continue. medical marijuana clinics want the best for their patients, and they do their best, but until things really change patients will continue to be an afterthought as people focus on cartel violence and paint medical marijuana in a bad light.

Medical marijuana clinics in Nevada understand the perception, but they wish to change it. Only through change to current drug laws will the violence subside. Doctors that recommend marijuana in Las Vegas have seen the benefits of medical marijuana and they are working to get their patients the best treatment possible.






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